Financial PR Comes of Age

Business NewsFinancial PR has changed dramatically over the past few years. Regulators have loosened up and financial firms are beginning to understand how the new digital communications landscape can work for them.

We are a team of experienced financial PR specialists who combine publicity, editorial, social media, and the web for highly effective, integrated communication programs customized for financial clients.

We understand the constraints of a regulated industry and the demands of communication in our digital times. As the media continually adopts social channels and the web to deliver news, PR must follow suit.

InfluenceFinancial services include media relations, editorial, social media and marketing strategies, SEO integration, blog development, video.

We work with portfolio managers, investment bankers, investment consultants, financial advisors and advisory firms, banks, brokerage firms, analysts, economists, publicly traded companies, start-ups positioning for an IPO or any individual or company seeking to influence a financial audience.

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