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New York Markets Live: Gold, Futures and the NYSE

Jennifer M. Ropiak is a Senior Vice President, NYSE Liffe US Precious Metals Derivatives, the futures exchange of NYSE EuronextTune in today at 3 PM ET for episode #5 of New York Markets Live.  Miguel Perez-Santalla, Vice President of BullionVault, looks at the impact of trading gold and silver leveraged futures contracts on the NYSE exchange and the market price. What influence do these contracts have? What kind of liquidity does it represent in the marketplace? How many customers take delivery of these contracts?  How does this impact the gold and silver price and your precious metals portfolio?

Miguel is joined by Jennifer Ropiak (top, left) a Senior Vice President of Precious Metals Derivatives at NYSE Liffe US, the U.S. futures exchange of NYSE Euronext.

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Miguel Perez-Santalla, New York Markets Live